Hey. I'm a middle-aged white-woman living on the left side of Canada. I travel a bit and carry a camera. I've carried one since I was about 10 (thanks Mom and Dad!). I put this site together not to sell anything, but to connect. Once upon a time I sold my photos, but now, I think the most fulfilling thing I can do with my work is to share it without strings. Just that. I hope it resonates, or makes you smile, or makes you wonder, or makes you emote in some way. Glad to have you here!

PS - When I say I want to "share" my photos, I don't mean it's ok for anyone to download from this site and use my photos without my permission. Please respect my copyright. Be a good person. Thanks!
PSS - (is PSS a real thing?) I'm also on Instagram at trinaholtphoto
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